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What is GPS Address?

With GPS Address, shorten your postal address into a tiny URL and use any desired name for your GPS address.

GPS address is the easiest way to share your address in digital formats(Chats, SMS, tweets) and direct people to your place. Powered by Google Maps.

How does it look?

Features of GPS Address

PIN security

Protect your GPS address with a PIN. Share it only with your visitors. PIN is optional for commercial use

1-click Cab Booking

Auto select destination in your favourite taxi app. Hire a cab in one click.

Address Forever

Permanent address for lifetime. Update your new postal address here on relocation. Your visitors will always get the latest address


Specify parking instructions and alternate options. Key notes about the security and entry procedures.

How to use?

Express yourself with GPS Address
GPS Address in marriage invitation
GPS Address in email signature
GPS Address in webpage contact us
Hotel/home-stay booking confirmation

Our pricing

GPS Address


Address ending with extension .home, .office
Mandatory PIN security
25 Map views per day
- NA -

GPS Address Plus


Address without extension
Optional PIN security
Unlimited views
7 days no questions asked refund policy